Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Final Frontier

Last night Riley and I decided to treat ourselves and a couple friends to a night out at the movies. We bought 60 dollars in tickets for an eight o'clock movie and spent the day looking forward to our upcoming two hour education on all things Star Trek. I couldn't find a babysitter but was not too concerned about that as Margaret loves going to the movies. We saw Earth a couple of weeks ago and she sat up in my Mom's lap the entire time, eating her hands as she tried to lean into the movie screen. She must have sensed we are broke, that the tickets were a huge splurge and that it was time to let us know exactly who is boss. The movie started at 8:00 and the crying started at 8:02. Riley and I switched out our tickets for a gift card and spent the next two and a half hours in the nearby Target. We couldn't go home as we had given everyone a ride to the movies. It is amazing how interesting Target isn't. I walked Margaret up and down the toy aisle and pointed out all of the princess gear she would never be given as punishment for this night of tears. She just smiled. Actually, I felt bad for the little troll princess as I could tell she was in some sort of intense intestinal distress. I imagine I would be screaming too if it felt like my stomach was about to rip out of my butt. Halfway down the toy aisle I realized it won't be the first time we lose sixty dollars and a night out over her needs. The thought made me smile right along with her.

Here are just a few pictures for Nana and Auntie Lindsay.