Friday, February 12, 2010

Before the petals fall...

Miss Georgia O'Keefe doin' what she do

I am so happy and so idle. The store is empty. So I will write. Why does writing always start with an empty space, empty room, empty page. I love Riley without complication and I love Margaret as an acolyte loves her priestess. I am learning about life through a prism of love and I recognize it is unfair. Where are the demons wrought by dysfunction and disappointment? Nothing to overcome but my own happiness. Maybe the demons spring after the anointed has recognized the blessing upon her head. The only darkness is my fear of it. I wake up sweating. Margaret is gone. Riley is without merit. The panic lasts until I shove Mr. Husband. Shove and his arm is around me and for that moment I have everything I could have ever wanted. A moment I can drink from when loss has made me thirsty. Double happiness for me.


  1. OK. So maybe I won't let you see what I've been working on. Don't know if I can compete with that.

  2. Please...Your blurb alone done compete and done won!