Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Slippery Fish

We just spent a week with Riley's family at the beach in California. Margaret took two things away from the experience. On the one hand,we now know that she hates the ocean. When she and her sand toys were touched by the tide she cried so hard she threw up. This was followed by a five hour long healing nap. On the other (less throw up prone) hand, we now know that she loves her Nana as much as she hates the demon sea. That love is in full sparkle when Nana sings Slippery Fish,a hundred verse song performed with love and hand movements. Zuzu has been singing this song to herself in gibberish since we drove away from the beach. Here is just a little clip of her preparing for her inevitable audtion for America's Got Talent. Back up is provided by Uncle Tay.



  1. So cute, I love the "oh,no"!

  2. so you have a blog and i never knew???! my life just got sooo much better! i love you dearly my dear megs.
    loves! britt davis (barney)

  3. Yeah. The "oh,no!" is definitely the highlight. Way cute!! Loved that you guys stopped on your way through. It was great to see you!!

  4. Adorable... Debbie knows the cutest songs. My little nephew was not only opposed to the ocean, but the sand as well. 'Twas not a happy beach day for us. She'll get over it. There are many more Carlsbad trips in her future.