Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby comes home

One time I had a baby and disappeared for three weeks. It is nice to be back. Our little journey friend is beautiful and fat faced. She cries when she is hungry and has tried to sit up since she was one week old. I think I had a girl that knows what she wants. Poor daddy doesn't know what hit him. There are already promises of ponies and Prada. I think he is learning the true meaning of devotion. Our traveler was born into so much love. The grandparents swoon, aunts and uncles coo, and daddy smiles even after a hard day. Little sis Lindsay sent me the best of Beyonce and K.D. Lang as a means of curing the baby blues. I haven't been smiling as much as the handsome husband. Today travel girl and I danced to Canadian folk music and diva perfection. Medication in movement and music. We spun around the kitchen and I couldn't think of anything else in the world I could ask for, not even ponies and Prada.


  1. What a beautiful little traveler you have in your home. Now that you have faced the fact that this is a forever job, each day will become easier and easier. I can see you dancing around with little Emsie - I can call her that here, can't I?!

    I will love reading your blog and learning all the things that make the Riley & Megan Bingham family so special, along with little Zuzie, too.

    I have peeked at your mom's blog, too! Great Uncle Greg, he's a Baker boy (Cathleen be a Baker, too) and Great Aunt Theresa - she's a Taylor (every pun intended) are the only three people I know that are bloggers and their blogs are great. G. Auntie Cathleen may be more of a follower as I haven't seen her blog -yet.

    Enjoy your sweet little bundle and we'll see you sometime next week! Love you... xo

    So welcome to the world of blogging

  2. YAY!!! You have a blog!!! Your daughter is darling. I SO want to meet her. BTW, you still owe me a phone call!!!

  3. EXCUSE ME!!! WHEN DO i GET ANOTHER POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????