Monday, March 23, 2009

The Troll Princess and I

Margaret was six weeks old as of 12:10 pm, which is odd as it seems like she has been here forever. I cannot remember me without her. Motherhood is a consuming business. I have begun taking Zuzu with me on all of my little adventures. I have to say it is as if in order to combat loneliness I decided to purchase a companion troll with limited abilities. 'Oh hello kind Nordstrom associate, wondering where that grunting and odd smell is coming from? It is just one of many social graces my little troll baby has mastered. Just wait to see what she can do when presented with the challenge of an upset stomach.' I have to think the resulting mess is an evolutionary defense mechanism meant to keep tresspassers from crossing the bridge I am sure she will get back to guarding any day now. Riley wasn't in love with the troll description at first, but he warmed up to it once I assured him she was the prettiest troll to ever live, a troll princess in fact! I am not looking forward to her growing out of the troll stage. I love that she fits in my arms, and her burps and grunts sound magical to my motherly ears. I am in love with my troll baby and if that makes me a troll mama, so be it. I am sure there is a bridge out there big enough for us to guard together.


  1. I think you just might be the first person on the planet to call your baby a troll. Hehe. Glad things are going well and that you're taking to mommyhood.

  2. Oh I love you and your amazing writing ability!