Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The travelin' troll

Margaret is my favorite toy. Some people need ipods on their vacations, others need constant internet access. Me? I just need a smiling, drooling, troll-like little person to do my bidding. Staging these traveling troll pictures was so much fun I plan on doing it into Margarets young adulthood, if not longer. You may be asking how I plan to hoist my fifteen year old daughter over my head at every monument and point of interest. It's simple...she ain't heavy, she's my Zuzu.

Margaret's face when we told her we were leaving on a roadtrip. The Zuzu loves the smell of gas stations and the sound of fuzzy midwest radio stations. But really, who doesn't?

700 year old cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde. Zuzu is nonplussed.

Once we arrived in New Mexico Margaret decided that she likes it hot. Her Daddy is rightfully concerned.

Nellie's is a Las Cruces institution known for it's red chile and floating babies. Talk about fusion cuisine!

I know what you are thinking, that yellow thing is the biggest baby catcher you have ever seen!

Sometimes we take my baby to bars. Sometimes.

We wanted a picture of Zuzu in front of a "Welcome to Texas" sign, so we drove into a town that makes Compton look quaint and then held my baby high up in the air. Yeah, we should totally be parents.

Because if she turns into a PETA baby my Dad's family won't love her. Pro hunting propaganda courtesy of my cousin Mike.

Ronald Reagan had his shoes shined here. I finally convinced Riley that rather than licking the shoe stand, a more fitting tribute might be to set his daughter precariously on the high set chair and then back away. He did, she almost fell, and it was worth it.

Bye till next time!!!


  1. I love her! She has grown so much. Her and my baby will be best of friends. I can't wait. Miss you guys!

  2. Thats my cute neice I held her nest to the chili's!