Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And Baby Makes....


I am pregnant.

Barely. Just six tiny weeks.

I had this vague notion that I would keep quiet about it until I was further along. And then the joy of giving that grand announcement at 12 weeks,

"I have seen the stares. Gotten the subtle hints about skipping that third donut. Please, no more worries. There is a baby in here. It is making me eat that donut. Thanks for your concern. Now who has a brownie?"

It seems that I might not be great at keeping quiet. I am not born of a quiet tradition. My mom announced the new baby pi on facebook. I find myself telling strangers in the grocery store,

"I know my cart has nothing in it but cheddar potato chips and canned frosting. Don't worry, I am pregnant. This is totally normal."

Of course, I am in Utah, and the woman next to me in line had four children and an 18 inch waist. Sneaking suspicion she does not consider frosting dipped cheddar chips "normal".

I think the baby is a girl. Riley says boy. I told Margaret that I am making her a best friend. She thinks I am magical.

We are just eight months away from more mess, noise and love.

I cannot wait.


  1. Oops. I just noticed I was signed into the wrong account. That one up there is from me. So, CONGRATULATIONS again!

  2. CONGRATS!!!! How exciting for you guys!!!!! Wish we could be there to bring over brownies, cookies, tubs of lard, etc.

  3. I bet tubs of lard do wonderfully in the mail...just a thought.

  4. Hooray! Since that day at the Bean Museum, I've been hoping you would get your wish soon. Congratulations!!

  5. Okay . . . so now Sydney thinks SHE has shared the BIG news with ME, instead of the other way around!

    ALSO . . . Nana Debbie just hung up the phone with me a little while ago and I especially asked her if there was anything "NEW" or different happening in her life. Doggone it . . . she calmly lied right to her mom - "nope, nothing mom" . . . boy is she ever in trouble with me NOW!!!

    Seriously... Theresa makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies in the world. Maybe she'll make some for me while whipping up a big batch for you...hint, hint, hint...

    Lots of love to you Meggie - Riley and MZ, too!!!

  6. Congratulations to you both! When you make them as cute as you do, you have to keep going...you owe it to the world :)

  7. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh I love you!!!!! Congrats!!!!

  8. What!!! I love it!! Congratulations!!! Ditto to Cathleen's comment above:)

  9. No wonder you said I could announce it on Face Book. You already told the world.