Friday, February 4, 2011

Nine Months of Fridays

Ready for the weekend

It is Friday.

In a world in which I am not pregnant, Friday is generally a throw-your-hands-up-in-the-air day. The end of the week. A little behind on laundry. Maybe I haven't made my bed yet. Basically, I have already checked out in anticipation of a Saturday sleep in. Not chaos, but not perfect.

This Friday happens to be one of many pregnant Friday's to come. How to sum it up? This morning I made some oatmeal. All the bowls were dirty. So I ate the oatmeal...out of a serving bowl we received as a wedding gift. This particular receptacle is big enough to hold an army's worth of mashed potatos. It is also made of fine bone china.


It all sounds a little Lindsay Lohan pre-rehab. I know.

Despite its ignominious beginning, I have high hopes for this weekend. There are about three hours out of every day that I feel both well and awake. I plan to fill them. There will be a date. We will purchase food storage. Maybe I will read. Maybe I will watch How to Steal a Million ...again. (seriously, Peter O'Toole. Yes. Please. Always.)

And dancing. There will be dancing.


  1. Maybe you'll watch The Bachelor...

  2. Is there some kind of twelve step program to get off of it? Because I have a sneaking suspicion that I will need it.

  3. Just remember, morning sickness is a good thing. morning sickness = healthy baby at the end of nine months.

    Oh, and it sounds like you need some good books. Let me know if you need suggestions.