Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Man Comes Around

Margaret is getting over a nasty bout of bronchitis. We are on our fifth day of being absolutely housebound. I would love to say that I have used this sabbatical from life wisely. Upon, reflection it seems I have not. However, I am now fully up to date with the latest Hollywood gossip and have attained a personal high score on Bejeweled.

So there is always that.

I have decided to return to the living today. The house is being scrubbed, laundry folded, daughter washed. All to the lovely sounds of the one and only Mr. Cash. I humbly posit that American IV: The Man Comes Around is the culminating work of his career. His voice has the rough understanding of a lifetime of mistakes, some made right, some not. It is the light seen through the clouds, forgiveness sought and redemption given. Perfect.

Just one tiny problem. Margaret is currently singing the chorus to I Hung my Head. A ballad about an accidental murder and justice served.

Maybe a little heavy for a two year old.


  1. That song does a have a surprisingly catchy tune for the content...I like that one...and this post!

  2. I didn't think it was possible Megs but I think Zuzu just got cooler!

  3. Ha ha ha... that is funny! Reminds me of the roadtrip my family took in an old Suburban with an 8-track player. The only 8-track we had was Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits - which I LOVE, but it was funny listening to my [then] 6-year-old brother singing all the words to "Cecilia."