Sunday, April 12, 2009

My baby be clean.

Zuzu and I are in Oregon visiting all the lovely family we have up here. Sadly, Handsome Riley had to stay home for finals. Let's just say BYU finals week and I are not talking right now. Want to know the most exciting thing you missed today, baby? Here is a little recap....

Bath Time...
Also known as "Margaret's coochie gets so cold she wets all over Mommy"

We miss you and we are Lose/Win.


  1. Look at the very plesant smile she wears all the time. She is a beauty, that little Zuzie, and so willing to be manipulated around... smile... we can not wait to see her this weekend...xoxoxo

  2. Megan,
    Your babe is SO cute!!! Congrats on the adorable addition.