Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Of ships and sea lions

Today we took Margaret to Newport. She loved the boats and swore she would sail away on one someday to seek her fortune.

I love this witty comment needed.

We went to a sea lion cave where I offered Zuzu up to the sea lion gods. They wouldn't take her...ouch.


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  2. K, maybe you need to go private so that you don't get spam comments...

    Looks like you're having fun.

  3. Megan, Zuzu is so absolutely adorable!!! Of course she would have to be, coming from you and Riley. I think she kind of looks like him, too, but with your lovely big eyes. It sounds like you've taken to motherhood like a bee to honey (do bees eat honey, or just make it?)--anyway, you get my drift! Keep enjoying that's a magical time. Love you!

  4. Thanks Meggie and Ry it was so sweet to see ZuZu in action. Is it me or is that the cutest baby ever?!